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Our Story!

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Our BBQ Love Story!

We love to tell the story of our chance meeting and how Chef Ken’s smoked brisket reuben was the first SPARK that united us. Smo’Ken Oak BBQ is the result of our passions on FIRE for one another and BBQ.

Our passion at Smo’Ken Oak BBQ is to bring you a remarkable BBQ Love Experience. Enjoy the novelty of delectable food served from our electric blue mobile restaurant smoke house. We are a funky and fastidious work team of two – no employees.  Each day we are off to a fiery start as Chef Ken sets fire to our 3 smokers for a 14+ hour day of ‘Smo’Ken”.  As the expertly seasoned brisket, pork butts, Baby back ribs and chicken take on the desired flavor and bark of the oak flame we prep fresh ingredients for our signature sauces, sides and specials.

Passion is our only ‘flavor enhancer’.  Passion inspires the quality taste difference you enjoy from our  chef-crafted food made on-demand in small home cooked food batches with time-tested culinary traditions.

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Mobile food restaurant a “labor of love’ for local couple. June 16, 2021

Smo’Ken Oak Barbecue opens in Hayward.  By Regan Kohler, Contributing Editor. Reprinted with Permission from the Sawyer County Record

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